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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Southland Whiskey Kitchen

Daring daughter flew in from B.A. last week and younger son arrived on Monday, so we all went out to dinner at Southland Whiskey Kitchen on oh-so-trendy 23rd Avenue in downtown Portland. The boys and I had the large brisket dinners. They were great, and at $12 a real deal as well. Lunch at Buster's runs $12 and you don't get half the meat you get here. Buster's $12 does include iced tea, and our drinks at Southland cost more than the food. I was drinking something called "Bubbles and Bourbon", which is basically champagne and Bourbon, which reminded me of a drink my mother-in-law made out of champagne and Cognac that she called a "French 75".
    The boys left for a holiday in Berlin yesterday. I tell you, kids these days, jetting off at the drop of a hat. It was kind of nice to have them all home for a bit, though it was just a bit. A few hours on Monday and a few hours on Friday and that was it till who knows when.

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