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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Chuck Roast

Iaman is cooking and reading.

Made a  4 pound Chuck Roast $14.00 for ingredients, 2 hours at 350 degrees, simple….greasy.
     The famous frontier Marshal Wyatt Earp, pre-law career, was a buffalo hunter for the labor crews building the transcontinental railroad ~1870. Interestingly Wyatt figured 5 pounds of bison per person per day. (also interesting buffalo gather in small groups in the massive herds,  and stop to investigate a downed fellow bison…Chapter 5  The Buffalo Range - Wyatt Earp  by Stuart  Lake)
     Now dietary guidelines suggest 1.5 ounces red meat a day, 1/53rd of 1870’s railroad crews daily ration. So my roast should last for 43 days?  I was thinking 3 days. 
Wyatt Earp ca. 1890
     I thought this guy looks like Chuck,  my brother not the roast.  Tough, sober and steady Wyatt kept the drunk Texas cowboys from shooting up the cow towns.  He exercised his own gun control.  “No guns in town.”  The many Texas cowboys that tested him were summarily  hit over the head  and disarmed.  A few were shot dead.  Quite a different picture of the Texas cowboy than what one receives in Texas.  Wyatt had particular trouble with the Driskills.  (same of Austin Driskill hotel fame?)
Earp: another one of those names that you would think was really weird (urp?) if you hadn't heard it from the time you were a proverbial knee-high.

Driskill Hotel, Austin, Texas
Earp was a lawman in Kansas before he went to Arizona and became famous. Kansas was the destination for the cattle drives from Texas because that's where the railheads were (where the cattle were loaded onto trains for the trip to Chicago). Driskill made his fortune raising cattle in Texas, so it is entirely possible that his gang were the ones making trouble for Wyatt up in Kansas.

Schoolhouse Blizzard 1888 January
They had weather maps way back then? Who'd a thunk it?
    Driskill went broke in 1888 when a January blizzard killed 3,000 of his cattle.

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AndrewP said...

A drunk belligerent Tobe Driskill shooting up Dodge City was buffaloed by Earp. Earp bringing the barrel of his 3 pound 45 over Tobe’s head, hauling him off to the calaboose. Tobe was Jesse Driskill son. Jesse Driskill, a successful cattle baron, had moved to Texas from Missouri in 1849. Flush with cash from his service to the Confederate Army, to which he supplied beef throughout the Civil War. He built the extravagant Driskill Hotel, Carved limestone busts of Driskill and his two sons, Bud and Tobe, crowned the hotel on each of these sides. The extravagant hotel was forced to close in less than a year after opening.
I had to move to Arizona to learn this story, not a peep heard in Texas.