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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hot Dog

California Bob starts the discussion:
The 40 best hot dog joints in America, ranked Portillo's in Chicago.
Iaman responds:
Here in Tucson they have a Sonoran Hotdog:
The Sonoran-style or Estilo Sonora hot dog, found in Tucson, Metro Phoenix, and in neighboring Sonora, Mexico, is a hot dog wrapped in mesquite-smoked bacon then cooked on a grill or on a griddle or comal, then topped with beans, grilled onions, fresh onions, tomatoes, mayonnaise, cream sauce, mustard and jalapeño.
But I am not fond of beans, mayonnaise, nor too much jalapeño.
Uniberp chmes in:
OK Bizinsider is way off. The put KETCHUP on hotdogs in Grand Rapids. It's disgusting.
Portillos is good, but Byron's in Chicago is the best. I am not going through that list.
Iaman cooks lunch:

Mezzetta Peppers $2.29
Dill Pickles (course chop, fresh pack)$1.99,
Celery salt $2.79
Tomatoes $0.61
Frankfurters $2.99
Onion $1.17
Hot dog buns $1.00
Total $12.84. approximate total pro-rata $5.34 / 8 hot dogs = $0.67 each
28 miles round trip to grocery store  @ $0.50 per mile = $19.00 / 8 Hot dogs = $2.37 transport cost per each hotdog. (but the trip was combined with visits to Lowes  and Walgreens and pool)

Secret technique,  drain all pickles peppers & relish in a strainer & tamp dry.

I used both the Fresh Pack Sweet Relish with Sea Salt ( AND the dill pickle ( Kroger).
The onions and tomatoes are essential, in my taste.


A single Hotdog is is too little, 2 are too much.

I've just been using cheap hotdog buns,  nice & fluffy the first day, they get stale and crumbly  after 2 days. The bun I seek would be wider, thinner, a tiny-bit tougher with a poppyseed coating. Maybe like these: Rosens, Chicagos bakers since 1909 Poppyseed Hotdog Bun or Make your own hotdog bun.
Must be that time of year because Dustbury has something to say as well.

Me, I get my hot dogs at 7-11 or Costco and the only thing I put on them is plain yellow mustard.

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