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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

The clear area in mid-Washington is the Cascade mountains. The big fire is the well defined smoke cloud just to the east.
The Pacific Northwest Wildfire Coordinating group has reported that wildfire operations have been active for a total of 67 consecutive days, with 43 currently active fires in Oregon and Washington.
This level of fire activity has not occurred since 2007. - Fox 12 News
When I got home around 10AM this morning, the sky was clear. When my wife got home a couple of hours later, it was overcast, but it wasn't normal gray clouds. It was a diffuse yellow haze. It smelled like smoke and stung your eyes. Looks like a really big fire, but where's it coming from? Would you believe 200 miles away from north central Washington? Evidently the winds are blowing the smoke south down the east side of the Cascade Mountains and then west through the Columbia river gorge. Weatherman says the wind is going to change direction tonight and blow it all away to the east.
    The fire is pretty big as these things go: 100 square miles. Washington State, for the first time, is calling for volunteers to help fight the fires.
    Forest fires make the news every year about this time, even here on Pergelator. Here's a couple of posts from previous years.
The Platters singing the title song.

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