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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Turn Signals

1999 Dodge Dakota Right Front Turn Signal Assembly
Turn signals started flashing double quick time a couple of weeks ago. How to get to the bulbs was a bit of a puzzle. Nothing obvious from the outside and no access from the inside. Found a YouTube video that tells you to take off the headlight first. Wrong! Well, unnecessary anyway.
    Open the hood to gain access to the rubber splash shield that is clipped to the lights. Unclip it from the turn signal. You can leave it clipped to the headlight.
    Now unscrew the one small retaining screw. It's right by the lower right corner (that is the truck's right, not yours) of the headlight and accessible in the gap between the turn signal and the headlight. You will need a small Torx screwdriver. The screw has a small diameter, but is kind of long. Once you have the screw loose, the turn signal assembly will slide straight out until it reaches the end of its wires. It takes some fooling to unclip the light bulb sockets from the assembly as the wires are a little short and there isn't much room, but it can be done. The sockets 'unscrew' from the assembly, that is, you turn them a quarter turn anti-clockwise and they will come out. Putting them back is just the reverse.
    Don't forget to clip the splash shield back into place.

Previous post on this subject. I knew I had worked on this before, but I thought it had been on the rear light.

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