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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fun with Chromebook

Not. Little problems keep cropping up. I used to complain about them on the Google Help Forum, but evidently that it not the proper place to voice your complaints as a couple 'experts' got their knickers all in a twist. So I Googled and found there is specific jobbie for 'feedback'. Google claims they read them all, but who knows? It might just all go in the bit-bucket. Whatever, gives me a place to vent. Here's my latest:
The 'Find' text (Control-F) function is being stupid. Open it on one tab (web page) and enter your text and it will find it, or not. Go to another tab/page and you get no response. Used to be it would tell you if your search term was there or not. Now it just sits there looking stupid. Only when you erase the text and re-enter it does it wake up and fly right.

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