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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Map Versus Map

How do you get from Russia (just north of Georgia) to Syria without flying over Turkey?
Russia is sending all kinds of stuff to Syria, humanitarian aid and military weapons. Bulgaria got itself in the news by saying that Russian aircraft that want to fly over Bulgaria will have to land and be inspected to make sure they aren't carrying anything inappropriate. I'm thinking, Bulgaria? Who cares? But then I look at the map and if you want to fly from Russia to Syria you are going to have to cross over some other country, like Turkey, or Bulgaria and Greece, or Iran and Iraq. Since Iran is opposed to ISIS, and the purpose of all this aid is support the Syrian government against ISIS, I wouldn't expect them to object. Since Iraq is a US puppet state, I wouldn't look for any cooperation there. And Turkey, well, Turkey forced a passenger plane to land for inspection back in 2012. That kind of thing kind of sticks in the craw. Mucking about with airliners is good way to get people up in arms.

Google's Rejection Notice
    Al-Monitor tells us that Russia has been working on the Latakia Airport in Syria, so I pull up Google Maps to see what I can see, and Google can't find it and wants to know whether I want to add it, so I say sure. Wikipedia gives me the coordinates and I fill out the form and Google rejects it. Since it's not a burger joint or a swinging hot spot in the lower 48 I guess they don't care.

Bassel Al-Assad International Airport
Wikimapia doesn't have any trouble finding it.

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