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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

School Dream

Winston University Lecture Hall
I am in a basement corridor. It is wide and long so presumably it is underneath a large building. It's clean and adequately lighted. There are your typical basement accoutrements (pipes, light fixtures, that sort of thing), but not many doors, so it looks like it is used for moving stuff from one place to another. There's nobody down there but me. I walk down the hall and it turns to the left and then to the right and eventually I come to a Tee. There are a couple of men wheeling carts laden with boxes across the Tee. The left hand of the Tee goes outside where they are loading boxes on a truck. Evidently this is the school's commissary and the boxes contain food.
    I go outside and I am walking down a city street. The school campus is mixed in with other buildings. I cross the street on a diagonal. On the far side are some train tracks and just past the tracks is a tall curb which gives onto a train platform. There is a short commuter train coming down the tracks with it's headlight on. It is at least a block away so I have no trouble crossing the tracks and stepping up onto the platform.
    I head up a slight rise to the Hamilton's, a collection of medium-high rises that are part of the school. I see a sign on the wall announcing the class I am looking for. It's a permanent sign and gives the professor's name, the name of the class (Flying), the days and times. I go inside. It is an auditorium style lecture hall with tiers of seats arranged like you would find in a theater. There are high windows around the outside and the walls are pale yellow. Instead of the typical foldaway desktops you would find in such an arrangement, there are full size tables in front of each row of seats.
    I find my friend in the midst of this. He has some papers in front of him and a stack of half a dozen books. I ask him about the class as I am considering taking it. He says it's okay, but lately all they have been talking about is economics, which he isn't too thrilled about. Class is about to start so I make my way out between the rows of tables, chairs and people.
    I go to see a professor about something and he starts telling me about his pen. It's kind of like a fountain pen, or a calligraphy pen. Most of the pen is black or brown or metal, but part of the grip is glowing slightly with a dim red light. First off he's telling me about how the grip directs your fingers, or their force, to a point just short of the pen's tip. I don't get what he is talking about, but I don't object. Then he starts telling me about the tip, how it is U-shaped, and how by rotating the pen you can bring any of several edges to bear on the paper and so determine the width of the line you can draw. They all seem to be variations of wide, from 1/16 of an inch up to a quarter. There does not seem to be a way to make a fine line.

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