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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Space TV

Kelvin Jones : Call You Home
from Joe Connor on Vimeo.

Joe expounds:
Yup, that really is a TV in space, for real. I created this video by sending a vintage Sony TV into orbit on a weather balloon provided by Sent Into Space, surrounded by cameras so as to capture this spectacular footage hovering above the Big Blue Marble itself.
More precisely, it took two launches - both from Snowdonia in Wales, with two identical TVs, with each launch providing the opportunity to rig the GoPros in different positions.
I'm pleased to say that all TVs in this music video were harmed as they crash-landed back to earth. We sent the TV off from Snowdonia and it landed in Bury, Manchester - taking in my hometown of Warrington on the way which can be seen in the promo. I'm proud to say that the TV got 99.997% above the atmosphere, just 0.003% below the Armstrong line - surely the highest TV in history.
Update 9/13/15: This video got me thinking about how glass-tube-type TV's are rapidly disappearing and how much grief people will put up with to get something they want, like their favorite sitcom.

Watching Westerns while on the job. Very bad.
Which reminded me of a scene from the movie Brazil, where we have a bunch of young guys in suits in an office with some kind of displays on their desk and they are all watching an old Western, until the boss sticks his head out of his office door, where upon they all simultaneously switch back to their work screen until he goes back inside, and then poof! Back to the shoot-em-up!

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