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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tam and the Refugee

Refugees affected by the Mediterranean Crisis [Image:]
I've been hearing about the refugee crisis in Europe for a while now, but I haven't said anything because, well, what can you say? Sad state of affairs. Tragic. Terrible for all those poor people.
    I'm sort of wondering what's going on. I mean, why are we getting this crisis now? Is it because the tyrants have been overthrown and the people are now free to flee? Or are these refugees the ones who had supported the tyrants and now that they've been overthrown they are fleeing for their lives?
    Could it be that when the tyrants were running things there was a kind of order and predictability, but now they are gone and every Jihadist has gotten a gun and joined a gang and chaos is the order of the day? I don't know, but I think it's kind of curious that no one has been able to forge an alliance that can impose order. Syria and Libya are prime examples, but the whole of North Africa and the Mideast seem to be in an uproar. (I found this in Newsweek: ". . . more than half of the world’s displaced people come from three countries: Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia.")
    Anyway, Tamara has a few words to say about the subject, and among them is the phrase 'bien pensants', which at first I took to be a typo of been peasants, but, no, she spelled it right and it means something else entirely.

Dad burn over-educated wimmen. How dare they use that kind of high-faulutin' language where respectable people might see it?

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