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Friday, November 27, 2015


FBI agent Kate Macer (Emily Blunt), her partner Reggie Wayne (Daniel Kaluuya)
in a tunnel under the US-Mexico border.
Slightly different perspective on the War On Drugs. Not a lot of legalese, more tactics and action. This is what's going on down in the trenches, and it ain't pretty no matter how you slice it. Or shoot it. There is a good scene where there is gunfight in the line of cars waiting to cross the border. Wasn't much of a fight actually. All the bad guys die, none of the good guys got hit.
    There was also some cool night vision shots during an operation infiltrating a drug smuggling tunnel. We've got a mix of night vision (starlight scopes) and infrared. Hollywood Reporter claims the infrared (thermal) viewers are used for research. Some of them might be, but the big users are the police and military. They use them to track down and kill people. Don't give me that hogwash about 'research'.

    If this is really how we are fighting this war, then we are in even bigger trouble than I thought. You think the War On Drugs is supposed to halt the illegal drug trade? You're a fool. The whole point of the war is to keep the flow of cash going to the CEO's of the American drug distribution cartels, and if several thousand people are tortured and murdered every year, well, it's no skin off their nose.
    The War On Drugs is just one more example of the corruption that is running rampant all around the world. Until we clean our house, we shouldn't really be asking anyone else to clean theirs.

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