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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Car Dream

Commonaro. This is not the car in my dream, it's just the most outlandish one I found in my search for a pic.
Dreamt that my cousin had acquired a cool 6 wheel sports car. It looked something like an Aston Martin DB-5, just a little longer with six wheels. The three axles were evenly spaced. The engine sat between the first and second axle, and the passenger cabin sat between the second and third.
    It was painted gray. It looked kind of like wrinkle finish paint, but it was smooth, not wrinkled. It was like a whole mess of small random patches of paint that all fit together seamlessly. Some of the patches were a little lighter, some were a little darker. They all had a sort of grain that you see in crystals, and the orientation was random, just like the shapes and sizes.
    There were about 50 of these things made and he had gotten a deal on it. We had to replace the alternator (where have I heard that before? Many places, but most recently here.) and it was a piece of cake because there was like a separate finished compartment for the alternator inside the engine bay.

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