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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Loop de Loop

Osmany & I had lunch with Jack at Clancy's Pub & Restaurant in Sherwood today. Clancy's is a fine place except for the last mile. Getting there is a bit of a drive from Hillsboro, but most of it is through open country so it's pleasant enough, but the last mile is all school zones, so while it takes 30 minutes to get to Sherwood and then another five minutes to get to Clancy's, it feels like the complete opposite. So when we left I decided to see if I could find another way out of this place. I had a vague idea of which way I should head, but shortly after we left Clancy's my brain dropped a neuron and I turned right instead of left and we ended up making a big loop through Wilsonville before we got straightened out.
    When I got home I traced out my route on Google Maps and realized I made a loop de loop. Whoa! I haven't heard that phrase in a long time. It used to mean making a vertical loop in an airplane. Now it mostly seems to refer to roller coasters. There was also a song with those words. This one is the closest to what I remember.  There's no video, only a single still image.


    While I am poking around I come across this video of five guys playing Grand Theft Auto with Hercules military air freighters. It's pretty amusing how much trouble these guys have just getting their aircraft lined up on the runway. They are trying for some formation flying but they don't get very far. One guy does manage to complete a loop

Notice how one engine on each wing turns clockwise and one turns counter-clockwise. I don't know if this reflects reality or not, we're talking GTA here, not Flight Simulator. I would have thought both engines on one wing would turn the same direction.

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