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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Amazon Zombies from Dune

Reading about the movie Dune, I come across Jodorowsky, who tried to make the movie, but ended up with a 9 hour screenplay before his effort collapsed. However, his effort has been credited with the inspiration for a whole bunch of Sci-Fi movies that followed. Personally, I think they ought to consider making it a mini-series. The thing is complicated enough that it might benefit from the extended format.

Jodorowsky's Dune (2014) - HD Trailer

     Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I find a movie called Jodorowsky's Dune. It's not a movie movie, it's a documentary about Jodorowsky's effort to make the movie, and some people recommend it. Can I see it? Netflix doesn't have it, but Amazon does. Amazon will sell you a digital copy for $10 or $15, which means that once you have purchased it you can stream it from their server anytime you want, and as many times as you want. Well, that's very nice, but I don't really want to buy it. We have a couple hundred DVD's here that I have watched once, and will probably never watch again. Is there any way to just rent it? Doesn't appear to be, but maybe that option will appear when I click the purchase button. Click, boom, you are now the proud owner of a Jodorowsky's Dune. Wait! No, cancel that! Sorry, this order cannot be cancelled as you have already started watching it. What? No, I haven't, you stupid machine. All I have it this stupid order page.
    I poke around a bit trying to find a number to call and a message pops up telling me this order has been denied because of a problem with my credit card. Well, thank heaven for having a little grit in the gears. Still, I call, or they call me, and the nice person I talk to tell's me no worries, the order is dead, it was denied, and that was that. It is not going to come back to life when you fix the credit card problem. Good.
    Then this morning I get an email from Amazon:
4:01 PM (12 hours ago)
to me
Hi Charles C Pergiel,

Though your order has already been delivered, we couldn’t charge your account for your order (#D01-4627784-6900136), due to a problem with the payment method you provided.
We may attempt to reprocess payment for your order in a few days using the payment method you provided.

. . . blah, blah, blah . . .

If we don't receive payment from you within the next 30 day(s), your order will be cancelled.

. . . etc, etc, etc . . .
Just what I need a Zombie order. THIS DOES NOT INSPIRE CONFIDENCE.

Update April 2016. Replace Amazon links.

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