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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Air Conditioned Dream

Normally I avoid pictures with watermarks, but
I thought the watermark on this photo was appropriate.
I am at a job site where construction is just getting started on a new building. Actually, construction has not properly begun, the concrete foundation has not even been poured. The only thing that has been done is that the ground has been cleared and the air conditioning ducts (that will sit on the roof) have been delivered and are lying in the weeds.
    Back at the shop I am talking to a woman engineer about a height variance for another building. It is a small commercial project, two stories tall with a flat roof. The height restriction for that part of town is 32 feet, which would be more than enough even if we include the air conditioning units that will go on the roof. This woman, who appears to be from the Middle East, has managed to get the height restriction reduced to 22 feet and she acts like this is a good thing. While 22 feet might be enough for the building, it's going to cut right through the A/C units. This is Houston. What was she thinking?

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