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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Kitty Litter

The Litter-Lifter Raking Cat Litter Scoop
We have a cat. It has fallen to me to take care of it. It is not difficult or time consuming. I scoop a quarter cup of dry food from the bin into the food bowl, rinse and refill the water bowl and then sift through the kitty litter with a sieve-scoop, dump the collected droppings in a plastic bag, twist the bag closed and tie the twist into a knot. It's not difficult and it doesn't take much time, certainly less than five minutes and probably more like one. Occasionally I will have to add some litter to his litter box, which might take another 30 seconds. Washing my hands afterwards probably takes longer.
     Every once in a long while (once a year maybe?) the litter sieve-scoop will crack. It's cheap and, it's made of plastic so this isn't unexpected. I'll just have to pick up another one at the pet supply store next time I'm out. Yesterday we were out and about, so I stopped by. They didn't have one like the one I had been using. They had several others. The one that was closest to the what I wanted had a poorly made handle that bit into my hand when I gripped it. Yes, it would probably do the job, but we had a perfectly good device before, why can't I have the same thing again?
     So we go to Freddie's where they have a large pet supply section and a similar selection of implements. They don't have exactly what I want either, but they have a couple that might do the job, don't bite my hand, and they are only two dollars each, so I buy both. I go home happy, thinking my problem is solved.
    Not so fast, bucky. I go to do my chores this morning with the new scoop and it provides me with a tedious experience. Scoop up a scoop of cat litter and it drains through the sieve like it is supposed to, but it is slower than molasses. I could die of old age waiting for the litter to finish draining. I never had this problem with the old scoop. Screw this, I'm going to Amazon where I find the one I want for $10 (picture above). Seems kind of steep for a bit of plastic, but I had gotten accustomed to the speed of the old one, and I liked it, so okay.
    But while I am here let's see what else we got. Here's one, it looks like the same thing, but it's $60. Is it a package of ten or something? I'm not going to buy ten. I don't know if I am going to last another ten years, much less the cat. But no, it is $60 just for one. I don't understand why it's even there. Who would put up a listing like that? Do they expect any customers? Have they sold any? If so, to who? Who would pay $60 for a commodity item like this? I just don't get it.

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