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Friday, January 29, 2016

Not A Droid

Over on Ebay I'm looking at a real deal on a skyhook, but the picture only shows part of the machine. Where's the rest of it? Maybe that's all you get and that's why it's such a deal. I know! I'll ask, but then I have to prove that I am not the droid they are avoiding, which means passing their test. This one looks easy: 4, 1, 4, 8, wait, what? Squiggle me timbers? What the eff is that last symbol? Stop the music, listen to the numbers. The Voice distinctly says one, one. If you say so, but only because it's your test, or maybe that's the way they would write one one on Alderaan, if it hadn't gotten blowed up.

P.S. Got a reply from Travers Tool: "This listing is only for the Choker Collar that would attach to any point of the boom of the sky hook" which kind of explains the low ball price.

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