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Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Magic Switchboard

The Magic Switchboard

The ' magic' switch box seems to know how to find the right color bulb regardless of which socket it is in. Watching the video with the sound on, I couldn't figure it out. Dennis describes it as "A combination of  interesting circuit logic and misdirection by the demonstrator."

Taking 'misdirection' as a clue, I turn the sound off, watch what actually happens and it is pretty obvious. A simple program in a microcontroller could manage the sequencing easily. Still need a person for the patter.

I think the trick is to turn on the lights on in the order they are on the board. The first switch you flick turns on the first light, the 2nd switch flicked turns on the 2nd light on the board. It's gonna take some skillful patter to conceal this sequence from the audience.

Wellington Enterprises will sell you one if you are so inclined.

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