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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Bloody Commute

Cars flowing along highways
Driving around town yesterday I was musing how cars flowing along highways were a lot like blood cells flowing through blood vessels, except cars all have specific destinations and blood cells are just uncaring particles being born along in the stream. But what if they are not? 

Blood cells flowing through blood vessels
Maybe each blood cell has a specific destination in the body where it is to deliver its oxygen molecule and a specific source in the lungs where it picks up that oxygen? I mean blood cells are complicated enough that they could easily contain a couple of encoded addresses. Making use of that information, being able to control its path, and recognizing its destination are all a bit more complex, but who really knows what blood cells are thinking?

The Incredibles
Blood cells are complex creatures, there are zillions of chemical reactions going on all the time. It's not too hard to imagine the daddy blood cell leaving home in the morning for his commute to the lungs to pick up his daily supply of oxygen and then ferrying it back home to his wife and chilluns.

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