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Friday, February 26, 2016

Clever Graph

Clever graph, or maybe just different. I don't think I've ever seen a graph drawn like this before. What we have here are the results of a black and white polling question, either you are for Britain staying in the EU (European Union), or you are in favor of leaving. No middle ground, no neutral viewpoints, no beating are the bush, you are either fur it or agin it. You could draw this graph with just one line, but someone decided to draw it with two. Note that the blue and yellow lines are mirror images of each other, symmetrical around the 50% level. Well, the two lines are mostly symmetrical except for at the very end. What happened there? In any case, I think it provides a better picture of the situation than a single line would.

As to Britain and the EU, I haven't a clue, though thanks to endless years of hearing about the glory of Britain and how everyone on the continent is some kind of sociopath, I'm inclined to be in favor of whatever's better for Britain. I'm sure they will sort it out eventually.

The chart is from a story in The Telegraph, linked by The Z Blog.

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