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Friday, February 26, 2016

New Albany, Part 2

Small Building in New Albany
Looking at an aerial view of New Albany I thought I would try and find the store that my dad built back in the 60's. I identified a suspect and sent out an email. Michigan Mike replied that you can use Google Street View to look at the front of the building (doh!), and sure enough that's the place.

Old windmill tower barely visible through the trees.
He also pointed out that there is an old windmill that is barely visible through the trees. He remembers there was one nearby and so for him, this confirms the location. I pulled up Street View and after some searching I found it. It's right in the center of the above picture. Notice the straight, vertical line, and the bird head shaped blob at the top. I never would have noticed it if he hadn't told me and given me some clues where to look. I mean, I do not have any memory of ever seeing this thing, so I am very surprised that Mike does.

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