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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Portland International Film Festival

39th Portland International Film Festival Trailer

39th Portland International Film Festival
97 movies over 17 days. We'll probably see a couple. Somebody let BettyLou in to see press screenings:
We saw two films I might recommend.  The first is Eye in the Sky which is a disturbing but important film about the use of drones in warfare.  Of course it is not as precise and simple as the media would have us believe.  This afternoon we saw Road to La Paz.  It was an enjoyable film.  I heard lots of "I loved that" in the restroom after the screening.  I can't say that I loved it because parts of it seemed superficial and glib but I understand why folks liked it.  It would be a fine choice if you don't want to feel uncomfortable. It's Argentine.  Philip and I don't mind and sometimes prefer being uncomfortable after a film (see Eye in the Sky if you think that describes you). We both thought that Court and April and the Extraordinary World were a bit tedious.  April... has some amazing animation ideas but the story drags a bit.

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