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Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Archer Daniels Midland Plant
Over at Bayou Renaissance Man, Anonymous has left a new comment on the post "That 'craft' whiskey may not be very craft-y": 
A.D.M. is huge corn processor based in Decatur, IL. Factories all over. One of the products produced at some is grain alcohol.
I worked at the Clinton, IA facility in sugar dept. There was an alcohol dept also. I thought it was all for gasoline blending- but was surprised to hear that yes a portion was sold to numerous liquor manufacturers as the "alcohol" in their product.
VERY interesting!
Also, there was ONE gin company that had their own tank with THEIR blend of juniper berries(etc?)contained in it. I don't know how that all worked process/business wise, but found it neat they wanted to maintain their reputation/product by utilizing that angle. All the others got the same uniform product. I always think of that when I see flavored schnapps/vodka etcetc... syrup meets grain alcohol~ hmmm.
So yes- this has been a practice for a LONG long time!:)
I would also mention- access to that building was strictly controlled, as was ANY activity inside. First, as a fire hazard, vapors being a thing! There was some 'signage' thereabouts too advising immediate firing if even suspected of touching or tasting the product (and really- there was NOwhere to access a tap.) Sealed system)
Of course-The reality is- being produced under pressure, this is true 100% alcohol, and will literally BURN you if contacted. Alcohol at regular atmosphere is ~95% with 5% H2o, pulled from the air. At 100% pure, it will pull that moisture right out of YOU. That burning feeling? Yah-you are screwed-- you'd be headed for the ER! Ouch! 

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