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Monday, March 21, 2016

Peel & England

Iggy Pop delivers a speech (!), the John Peel Lecture of 2014. In the introduction we have this bit from John Peel:
"Hello, welcome back to Glastonbury where it is, not at the moment, raining, which is quite exciting in itself." (2:05)
Sounds like Portland, but who is this John Peel? The only John Peel I know is the one in the song:

D'ye Ken John Peel - Arr. P. M. Adamson

Any connection between these two John Peels? No, other than Wikipedia seems to know about them:

Interspresed within the corporate blather that makes up the intro to the speech there are some interesting bits. About the music, the music biz and some of the players.


Duncan Smith said...

Just saw a special on Scotland Yard. British police are called "bobbies" after Robert Peel.

Chuck Pergiel said...