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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Something is very fucked up

Kuvée Smart Wine Bottle
I understand that some people like to drink wine, and I know that some people can detect minute differences in taste and smell. And some people may not drink an entire bottle at one go, and they may want to save the rest of the bottle for later. And I can see that some people would be silly enough to spend $200 on an electronical gizmo to play with their wine. But who in their right mind would invest $6 million in producing this gizmo? Rich people must be getting really bored, but I suppose that has always been a problem for the rich.
    My perception of the small gadget business must be really skewed. Suppose they make a profit of $60 on each one of these that they sell ($60 markup for the retailer, $60 in production costs, $20 for distribution would leave $60 profit). They are going to have to sell one hundred thousand (100,000) of these things, which means one out of every 3,000 people in the US will need to buy one. Or one out of 16 people in Manhattan, which seems to be the target market. Manhattan seems to have evolved to a higher plane of existence. Nothing there seems to have any relation to the rest of the country.
    Or maybe there is some kind of tax dodge at work, so you don't actually have to make, or sell, or deliver this gizmo. All you need to do is put up some promotional ads that make it look like you are serious, and then you just slip away into the night and into your next scam.

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