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Sunday, April 3, 2016

1938 Phantom Corsair

1938 Phantom Corsair
Here we are in 1938 again. Another case of great minds thinking alike, perhaps. There was only one of these and it is still around.
 The body [was wide] enough to accommodate four people in the front row, including one person to the left of the driver. The back seats could only hold two passengers, however, in large part because of space limitations posed by on-board beverage cabinets. - Wikipedia
I think I may have seen this car at Harrah's when I was a kid. I remember seeing a black car with room for four people in the front seat once upon a time and I've never seen another, so this might have been it.

1938 Phantom Corsair Interior
One of the benefits on not getting blowed up in the war is we still have the original interior.
    You'd have a hard time finding four Americans that would fit in that front seat today. Could that be because we don't have liquor cabinets in our cars anymore?
Power for the 2-ton Phantom Corsair came from a modified Cord 810 Lycoming 8-cylinder unit, supercharged by Andy Granatelli to produce about 190 hp. - Automobile History USA
If you are like me, you remember Andy Granatelli from the STP ads on TV and the turbine powered STP special that ran in the Indianapolis 500 back in 1967.

Commercial - STP Oil - Andy Granatelli Turbine Car - Indianapolis 500
[The Phantom Corsair also] played the role of The Flying Wombat in David O. Selznick’s film The Young in Heart (1938). - Supercars
There's that David O. Selznick guy popping up again.

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