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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Back to Tulsa

A comment on a YouTube video got me started.

Downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. The big building is the BOK Tower, tallest building in 5 states. The Center of the Universe (white label) is on a pedestrian overpass that crosses the the railroad lines going through downtown. You can see two vehicle overpasses crossing the same set of railroad tracks in the foreground. I got this from Google Earth. Hold the control key down and move your mouse and you can look in any direction you choose.

But what's that tower sticking up in the distance?

That, my friends, is CityPlex Towers, formerly known as the City of Faith Medical and Research Center. That is Oral Roberts University in the foreground.
P.S. The lump sticking up just to the right of the BOK in the top picture is Turkey Mountain.

1 comment:

CGHill said...

Tulsa's spread out, but not enormously so: the distance from downtown to 71st and Lewis (where CityPlex is located) is less than ten miles.

Incidentally, God's Own Drill Bit, the Devon Tower in Oklahoma City, is 183 feet taller than BOk's box, though it's relatively new and hasn't percolated through all the reference materials yet. (And Devon's 850' was scaled back from a planned 945'.)