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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Crean Tower

Crean Tower & the Crystal Cathedral

The Los Angeles Times has a story about playing the bells in the Crean Tower. The Crean Tower is next to the Crystal Cathedral, which was home base for televangelist Robert Schuller and his Hour of Power, a staple of Sunday morning TV for 50 years. Since Robert's death in 2015 the cathedral has fallen on hard times. It was recently purchased by the Catholic Church and is being remodeled.

John and Donna Crean funded the construction of Crean Tower. John made his fortune with Fleetwood Enterprises. The tower was built in 1990. The bells used to be played every Sunday but stopped a few years ago. Since the Catholics have taken over a new player has entered the scene and the bells are being played again.

Playing the Carillon 200 feet over Garden Grove at the Christ Cathedral

The tower is pretty spectacular in a Science-Fiction-y sort of way. That's California for you. It's also spectacular in a basic construction sense. This video gives a look inside the thing.

Tour of the Christ Cathedral Carillon

    There used to be a lift, but it's broken, a victim of general upheaval going on all around it. 
    I couldn't find much information about the tower. Seems like being part of a church makes it off limits for any kind of discussion. That strikes me as a little odd.
    Here's a short video of a tune being played.

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.MOV

More information about the bells here.

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