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Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Sound of Money

Amazon Echo
Okay, I'm gonna try a couple of things and see if this blog can generate any money. I've signed up with Amazon's affiliate marketing and Blogger's Adsense, so you might start seeing some obvious ads in the sidebar and some secret ads embedded in my blog posts. I'm not expecting much, maybe I'll get a free book once in a while. We'll see how it goes.

Meanwhile back at the ranch I'm looking for a new speaker for my computer. I'm not using my Chromebook anymore, which had built in speakers. I had some Creative Speakers that worked pretty well, but the power connector was weak and ever time I kicked the bass box I would get a bunch of static, or the power plug would just plain disconnect. Now I've got a pair of $8 Logitech speakers and while they work okay, I suspect I could do better.

I don't want a pair of stereo speakers. I don't want a bunch of wires. The creative setup has three boxes and three wires. I want one box and one wire. We can't do that unless we go wireless. Radio's are like that: one box, one wire, and the signal comes in over the airwaves. There are computer speakers like that, but they all seem to use Bluetooth. While the computer I am using has a Bluetooth radio, I'm not sure that Linux knows how to use it, or maybe I just haven't bothered to figure out how to turn it on. Besides, I'm categorically opposed to using Bluetooth. It sounds like an expensive buzzword to sell  useless gadgets to people with more money than sense.

Fluance SXHTB+ Surround Sound Single Speaker SXSS
This is a Hi-Fi speaker. It does not contain an amplifier, so it won't work with your computer. Looks cool though.

Okay, no Bluetooth, at least not this week, so I'm gonna need two wires. I found one that looked okay until I realized it was just a speaker, no amplifier. I still haven't found one that fit's the bill.

This morning I'm signing up with Amazon and I'm trying to figure out how this affiliate marketing program works, and I need a product to try this out with and looky here, Amazon Echo. A single speaker with one wire! Kind of expensive, and I don't know about all this chit chat, and I don't know if I can control it from my keyboard, but it is kind of cool, and it is a heck of lot cheaper than a smart phone. But it's an Amazon product, so let's see it I can link to it.

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