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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Quote of the Day

Ballast tanks in the nose section of 747. Are they loaded with water for load testing, or chemicals designed to make us all obedient slaves of the new world order?
A lie that you believe is as powerful as the truth. Even though it’s a lie, if you believe it and you allow it to shape your thinking and your understanding, then it becomes as powerful, binding, constricting—or—freeing as an absolute truth. - TRICIA LOTT WILLIFORD

It occurred to me the other day that people don't believe things because they understand them, or because they make sense. I mean there is a lot of stuff that is just flat incomprehensible and if you are going to make any progress, you are just going to have to take it on faith. Some things you see with your own eyes (things fall to the ground when you release them, the sun comes up in the morning) and you can accept them as facts. But with some other things (atomic power, electricity, quantum mechanics) you have to have a little faith. People believe these kind of things because they believe the person who is telling them these stories, which is why people believe in aliens and chemtrails and conspiracy theories. I mean who are you going to believe? The government or some crackpot on the radio? The government has a proven history of lying to you about all kinds of stuff. That crackpot on the radio, well, he speaks nothing but the truth.

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