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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sun Tzu comes to South Dakota

Sun Tzu psuedo-quote outside the Philip, South Dakota Minuteman Missile Visitor Center
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Yesterday afternoon I spotted a Minuteman Missile visitor center near Philip, South Dakota. Iaman visited a similar site in Arizona not too long ago so I thought we'd stop and take a look. Cool quote and symbols outside the front door.

Soviet Nuclear Missile Launch Keys
Inside they had a series of walk through exhibits chronically the rise and fall of our, and the Soviet's, nuclear arsenals. We, that is, the collective powers-that-were we, were definitely insane. No missilles or silo though, which was disappointing.
    Picked up a copy of Stasiland by Anna Funder which is a collection of stories from behind the Berlin Wall. I just started it and so far it's pretty great. You know how Western culture wastes all kinds of money of all kinds of foolishness, like movies and parties and celebrities and entertainment, etc, etc, etc? East Germany sucked up all the excess income and spent it on their stupid security apparatus which made life miserable for zillions of people, but they made all their petty fascists happy. Be careful what you wish for, you night get it,

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