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Monday, August 8, 2016

404 Jeffery

.404 Jeffery Working Rifle For Sale
 Great story by Robert Boatman:
I heard the following story from a Professional Hunter with years of experience in Zimbabwe and South Africa:
“When a client shows up in camp with a .375 Holland & Holland, you immediately know that you have a practical and able chap as a customer, a wise and knowledgeable hunter who will listen to reason. When a client shows up in camp with a .458 Win Mag, you know that most likely the only experience the hunter has had is reading the pages of Outdoor Life magazine, probably 30-year-old editions. When a client shows up in camp with a Remington or a Weatherby in any caliber, you know the hunter’s experience probably does not extend past the clerk at the gun counter. When a client shows up with a double rifle, you know you have an elitist for a customer, much like the guy coming down the charter boat dock at the marina carrying a fly rod, and you approach him with caution. When a client shows up with a .416 Rigby, you know you have someone who has studied and respects the rich history and traditions of the sport of dangerous-game hunting. And when a client shows up in camp with a .404 Jeffery, you know this is someone who cares enough about said history and traditions to go to the immense trouble of building and loading a gun and cartridge long sacrificed to the gods of mass production and commercialism. You take a liking to this guy immediately.”
You might think a wizened old man with an albatross around his neck told me this story. Not so. This PH was 29 years old. He’d heard the story at the beginning of his hunting career more than ten years ago and has since confirmed its wisdom to the point of repeating it whenever he senses a sympathetic audience. The legend of the .404 Jeffery is alive and well indeed.
This is the kind of gun advice I can use. I used to consume gun info like a vacuum cleaner, but at some point I decided I had enough. If you need to shoot something far away, use a 30-06. If you want to blast away at some tin cans to relieve the stress you have accumulated living in our modern world, a gun that shoots cheap AK-47 ammo is what you need. Pistols of most any caliber, if they are big enough to hold onto, are fine. If you need to shoot a Cape Buffalo, use a 404 Jeffery.
Stolen from .404 Jeffery. Via Comrade Misfit

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