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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Bootleg Pic

Orchestra in the orchestra pit
Went to see the Broadway production of The Lion King Tuesday evening. Walking around the theater before the show starts as we got there extra early because you never know how traffic going into downtown is going to be, and I notice that there are people in the orchestra pit. There were maybe 15 or 20 all told and they had a surprising amount of electrical/electronic gear with with them, so much so that I thought it was worth taking a picture. Even though I was semi-stealthy, an usher still caught me and warned me against further transgressions. Since the show hadn't started, I don't think I was technically in violation of their rules.

The net that appears so prominently in the photo was nearly invisible to me, probably because I was focusing on what was in the pit. I suspect the camera was focusing on the net which is why it shows so prominently and why you can't make out any detail of the subject of the photo.

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