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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Cold War Relic

California Bob is selling his Cold War era motorcycle. Raising a family might have something to do with it.

1983 BMW R65 For Sale
The BMW R65 is on the block.  I have acquiesced.  Any hope of any further fun in my life is foolhardy, I'm giving up.
Stamped in the frame, from the days when we used to have to discriminate between East & West Germany. Not that there were ever any East German goods for sale in the West.
His car may be going away too:
Meanwhile my BMW car lost a cylinder the other day.  I figured it was a coil pack, which looked like it was under warranty, so I took the car in.  It was indeed a coil pack, so they replaced all 6, plus new micro filter and wiper blades, fluids and tires topped-up, plus a nice car wash.  And a latte.  And I got to drive a new 528 for 2 days.  Took me a while to figure out how to drive it, they don't have shift levers or brake levers anymore, everything's buttons.  All gratis.
New coil packs might have cost me $150 but it would have taken me 2 days to put in.
I think I need to unload the car before warranty expires in January.

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