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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Frickin' Lasers!

Laser Cleaning: HIGH POWER 1000W!

I was watching some random YouTube videos yesterday and in a couple of them, in an adjunct to the main action, over in the background, someone was cleaning rust off of steel by pointing a Star Trek phaser at it. (Wait, what? Shhh, never mind how cool that is, I tell myself to stick with the main story). Today this video shows up in my inbox via R&T. They are expensive now, but I hear Apple is coming out with one next year and after that I fully expect the Russians to jump in with both of their great big booted feet. In ten years they'll be selling them out of Harbor Freight for $10.
    Lasers can be 30% efficient, so to get 1KW of output, you are going to need 3KW of power, which works out to about 30 Amperes of 110VAC household current. So you should be able to run it if you combined a couple of your big appliance circuits.
P-Laser website.

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