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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Golf YouTube ad

Golf Returns to the Games | Commercial | Michelob ULTRA

Yesterday afternoon. I'm watching an ad on YouTube waiting for it to finish so I can move on to what I am here for. I'm watching this very boring ad, the video shows a golfer making a putt, but the commentator is really excited. The ball doesn't go in. It's just sitting there on the lip of the cup. The golfer walks around to get a different view of the situation. The ball is still there. It's not moving. He's looking at it. Meanwhile the announcer is still chattering on loudly in a foreign language and then the ball falls in and before I can react the ad is over. Where did it go? I think it was an ad for Michelob Ultra, but searching on YouTube turned up nothing. History shows no trace of the video. Reloading the page doesn't bring back the ad. Where did it go?

Today. It might have gotten stored in cache, and there might be a way to retrieve it, but that would take some fiddling. And it's on YouTube now. Seems it's a brand new ad.

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