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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Live from Trona

Toro Y Moi: Live From Trona from Primary Colors on Vimeo.

Live from Trona? Where the heck is Trona? Looks like Mars, except no space suits. It's in San Bernardino County California, which sounds like Los Angeles, but if you look at the map, San Bernardino County is huge.

San Bernardino County covers the entire area between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Trona is in northwest corner of the county.
Trona is next to Searles Lake and smack in-between the North and South ranges of the China Lake Naval Weapons Testing  Center (the big gray blocks). Google won't tell you what the gray blocks are but Wikimapia will. We've been to Mars (lower right corner) before.
Trona Pinnacles. Kind of looks like the pinnacles are underwater.
They probably were, some infinitely long time ago.
The video (top) was recorded at the Trona Pinnacles: "The Pinnacles are recognizable in more than a dozen hit movies. Over thirty film projects a year are shot among the tufa pinnacles, including backdrops for car commercials and sci-fi movies and television series . . ."

As for Tory Y Moi's music, well, I'll leave that for someone else to talk about.

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