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Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Reading about some highlights from the games.

Kristin Armstrong, who won gold in cycling, "is often confused with the ex-wife of fellow cyclist Lance Armstrong, whose name is also Kristin. Kristin Armstrong the cyclist and Lance Armstrong are not related."

Carmelo Anthony, the basketball player. I've seen him in enough games on TV to recognize the name. I'm not sure whether he is a hero or villain. Anyway, ". . . on an off-day, he visited one of Rio's favelas." "What most people call creepy, scary and spooky, I call comfy, cozy and home." - WSJ

As for Ryan Lochte . . . At first I thought some Rio bureaucrat saw an opportunity to make a name for himself by harassing these guys. Then we got some reports that maybe the athletes were telling tales, and I got to wondering 'can these guys really be that stupid?' And now that the media has trampled all over the story, I doubt we will ever know what really happened, which pisses me off, because I invested minutes, minutes of my time, I tell you, reading and thinking about this fiasco, and I shouldn't have bothered, because all of the data related to this story is tainted.

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