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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Quote of the Day

Mombasa, Kenya, maybe?
I think this is potentially a side-effect of African culture, you spend your whole life being punished and reprimanded when you fail and all of a sudden someone is telling you that failure is good. What do you mean?Wiza Jalakasi
 Most all of the stories I hear about Africa are horrible, sad, depressing and miserable. Wiza's story is the first one I've heard in a while that gives any indication that there might be some civilization there. Actually, there must be a great deal of civilization. We just never hear about any of the good stuff.

This might be the website he was involved with.

This story came to me via Medium's newsletter. The picture that was included with the teaser (four young Africans at some kind of contest) put me off. It looked suspiciously like one of these meaningless feel-good contests that are often featured in the news. They might be good for building self-esteem, and it might be a good learning experience, but there is no substance to it, or is there? Read the story anyway and got a very different perspective.

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