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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Donald & Hillary, Sitting in a Tree

Trump Force One and Clinton’s campaign plane at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas
I spotted this picture in this morning's Wall Street Journal. I found it online at The Sun.

I am not voting in this election, mostly because both candidates are part of the established power base, and that base is all wrapped up in their own chickenshit. Real problems in the world are getting short shrift and I don't see anything changing.

The establishment is like a giant ocean liner charging ahead. It couldn't make a drastic course change it it wanted too. It has too much mass and too much momentum, so they spend their time and energy arguing about chickenshit, swilling cocktails and snorting coke. They might go on for a long time, but if they hit an iceberg, it's the people in steerage who are going to drown.

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