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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Bacteria Hate Us

How Bacteria Make It Rain (with Kim Prather) – Speaking of Chemistry Road Trip

I'm not sure about the narration. J.K? What the heck is J.K? Some kind text-speak for joking? To me, J & K means Men In Black*.

And when I think of aerosols I think of the cartoon of the old curmudgeon sitting in his easy chair, spraying an aerosol can out the window, talking to a friend on a the telephone and saying 'oh, not much, just destroying the ozone layer, what are you doing?'. I'm not thinking about soot. Yuck, soot. When I think of soot I think of trying to clean it off of pots that have been used for cooking over a campfire. The stuff does not want to come off. But that's all beside the point. He does a pretty good job of explaining what is known about the topic. Not a hard job, since not much is known, except that it's pretty obvious that bacteria are conspiring to commit global warming and so destroy all humans.

The YouTube page has a bunch of links, in case you hate bacteria.

* Regarding J & K in Men In Black. Why does the old hand (Tommy Lee) have the later letter (K) and the new guy (Smith) have the newer letter? Shouldn't their aliases been reversed? Or had they gone through 24 agents and so gone all the way around the alphabet?
    I just noticed that the two star's names are Jones and Smith, which is not far from Alias Smith & Jones.