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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Bhor Ghat

One Hell Of A Climb by Chennai Express at Khandala Hill Station, Bhor Ghats (4K Resolution)

I'm looking for a picture of the Express Train to Hell [tm], and I come across this video (above). It's doesn't look like anything special, but watching it I realize this train is just cresting a very steep hill. It's passenger train, so it's fairly short and light, but it has two locomotives: a diesel at the front and an electric one at the rear. Presumably, this is normally an electric train, but they have enlisted the help of the diesel to climb this hill.

I do a little more poking around and find that this railway dates back to the 1860's when the British were just getting started building the network of railroads all over India. Getting the railroad over this pass was a major challenge. 25,000 Indians died during construction, mostly from disease. Sounds like the project to build the Panama canal. Also led to the death of the chief engineer, James John Berkley.

The Bhore Ghaut Incline
Imperialism Pioneer Of Capitalism by Bill Warren

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