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Silicon Forest

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Grocer's Price Tag, Front Grocer's Price Tag, Back
Walking out of Freddie's a week or so ago with a grocery cart full of groceries and I hear a beeping sound. Don't think much of it, the world is full of electronical gizmos that are always clamoring for attention. But it was a little odd. The timing led me to suspect it was the anti-shop-lifting scanner that was hollering. That's weird, because we don't have anything but food in our cart, nothing like some expensive electronical gadget which are the items that usually get tagged this way. (All them electronical gadgets got to stick together, you know, otherwise how are they going to take over the world?)

We get home and Osmany opens the roast and discovers the source of the alarm. Huh. So people are stealing meat now? I'm glad the economy is improving. It is improving, isn't it?

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