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Monday, December 26, 2016


A bunch of ideas are milling around in my head. The haven't quite gelled into a coherent package, but I thought making some notes might help.

Yin and Yang
Order versus Freedom is an age old conundrum. I wouldn't be surprised if Yin and Yang encompassed this idea.

The original Limousine BolshevikLenin with his wife in their Rolls-Royce, Gorki Leninskiye, 1923
Capitalism leads to Fascism. I read that somewhere recently. Somebody explaining why they were voting for Bernie, I think. Idea originates with Lenin: "Fascism is Capitalism in decay."

Law and Order
Ronald Reagan was elected on a platform of Law & Order. Who knew that he got his campaign from the title of one of his movies? Not me.

Once upon a time I was reading something about Communism and there was an illustrated story about a Capitalist and the water tank. It was perfectly logical, but somehow it didn't add up. I couldn't figure out exactly what was wrong with it, but I knew instinctively that is was total bullshit. It was likely the Parable of the Water Tank by Edward Bellamy.

Braveheart -- "Freedom" Clip | EPIX

William Wallace (Mel Gibson in Braveheart) was all about Freedom. Of course we all know what that got him. If you don't, you should find out.

Real Disney Propaganda? Or someone's spoof?
Back in the 1960's the hippies were rebelling against too much order, they wanted more freedom.

The Great Capitalist Ship is becoming ever more sleek and powerful. It is charging towards the future, a future that is glorious and golden for all those who are aboard, but with every improvement, old, cumbersome pieces are being sloughed off along with all the people who inhabit those pieces.

Truth, Knowledge and Belief
Knowledge versus Belief. This was pointed up in Medici. The Medici family were Jewish bankers in Florence Italy back in the 1400's. They loaned money to people who used that money to finance their businesses. This is where the Renaissance got its start. The nobles, who grew up believing that God has bestowed on them the right to rule weren't too happy about these upstart money makers. Conflict ensued.

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