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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Three Bozos and a Car

Our Heroes: Jeremy, Richard and James modeling their be-logoed jumpers.

Ford GT-40 #5, the third car to cross the finish line, behind Ford GT-40's #1 & #2, at Le Mans in 1966.
The Grand Tour is basically a comedy with cars and fart jokes, but occasionally they do something interesting like, for instance, the story of how Ford came to build a race car that won at LeMans for four years running. In this story we have a shot of James May driving Ford GT-40 #5, pictured above, sort of. Actually, there are no pictures of #5, except some grainy, black & white, telephoto shots from race day. Lot's of pictures of #1 & #2, but no pics of #5. The picture above is of a diecast model, not the real car. But here on The Grand Tour, we have James May actually driving the car, reputedly worth $20 million or some equally extravagant number. That was kind of cool.

Wikipedia has a version of the GT-40 story.
Post/pic of the new Ford GT.

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