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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

War in the Vendée

A Mass at Sea, 1793,  by Louis Duveau, first exhibited in 1864. 
Catholics were persecuted during the French Revolution so if people wanted to celebrate Mass, they had to do it surreptitiously, hence going out to sea where they would be out of sight of the revolutionaries and their sycophants.

My parents were atheists. One of my mother's homilies was that religion was the root cause of all wars and was therefore bad and very possibly evil. Reading today about the War in the Vendée I am reminded that the religious don't have a monopoly on murder and mayhem, atheists in the French revolution and Communists the world over have trumped the religious wars of the past. Of course, you could say that revolutionary zealots have their own religion, they are 'true believers' after all.

Combat de Quiberon en 1795, by Jean Sorieul
Sombreuil and a handful of royalist fighters (left) are trying to push back the Republican forces and protect the flight of non-combatants trying to take refuge on English ships.

War in the Vendée
Inspired by a post from Marcel.

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