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Monday, January 2, 2017

Effing Frontier Communications

No more Channel 2 from our cable provider. Some kind of bullshit about rates. Wouldn't be a big deal EXCEPT the Iowa Hawkeyes are playing in the Outback Bowl this morning and it's being broadcast on Channel 2. Fortunately, we have computers and we can get the game via ESPN. We have 4 channels of ESPN on the TV, but none of them are carrying the most important game of the season! (according to all true dyed-in-the-wool Hawkeye fans, like my wife).

Channel 2 is broadcast over the air, so I don't really need to get it via cable. I could probably pick it with my antennae, but . . . that means I'd have to switch the coax connection in the basement, and switch the coax connection behind the TV.

I have another TV, an old CRT which we don't use, but I bought a digital adapter for it once upon a time, so I should be able to verify that I can still pick up the signal from Channel 2. Except the converter failed. Dang nab cheap Chinese electronic do-dads.

The alternative is to run a second coax from the antennae to the TV room. Or I might be able to get by with a small antennae right there in the TV room, but that would upset our harmonious decor.

I could blame Channel 2 for raising their rates, but I'm not dealing with Channel 2, my point of contact is Frontier. It's almost enough to make me change to Comcast.

A while back Frontier was pedaling Direct TV contracts, which struck me as a very poor business decision, but maybe their goal is to get out of the TV business. None of this makes any sense. It makes me wonder who's calling the shots.

At this point I wouldn't be surprised if someone was trying to destroy Frontier so another company could step in to provide high-speed internet. A new company would mean new licenses and new contracts and you can bet they would be more expensive.
Turns out we can get ESPN via our Roku box, but only because out cable subscription includes ESPN. So I can watch the game, but only if I am paying a chunk of money to the cable company every month, the same cable company that is not showing the game because they are trying to go out of business. Oh, the joys of our modern age.

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