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Saturday, January 21, 2017

House of Pythians

Hillsboro Grange
Stopped by a Mexican birthday party yesterday evening. It was being held in honor of somebody's 50th birthday. They had hired a hall (pictured above), which might be the Hillsboro Grange, and which possibly used to belong to the Pythians. The logo above the stage read H of P, which I take to mean the House of Pythians. The Pythians are like the oldest organized lodge in the USA, though they seem to be fading.

In any case there were only a few people there as it was still early. The band had set up on stage and while they weren't playing, they were pumping out recorded music at a very high volume. Or maybe I'm just old. We got a bite to eat, had a beer, talked to a few people, and then we pushed off.

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