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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

In Order of Disappearance

Serbian Funeral.
Papa is operating the lift, and his henchmen are the pall bearers.
Telling you who is in the box would probably constitute a spoiler, so we won't do that.
In Order of Disappearance is the English title for this Norwegian crime thriller. Kraftidioten is the original title, which I suspect means 'the work of idiots' or 'idiots at work'. Google Translate is no help, it gives us some kind of nonsense, or else the English title of the movie.

IMDB tags it a 'black comedy', and it does have funny bits, though they are often grim. And there are some very odd scenes. Gangster singing on his way to a job is one that struck me. Mostly it's about people and how losing a child can unhinge anyone. Though if you are going to become unhinged, killing a bunch of bad guys is a good way to go.

We saw the star, Stellan Skarsgård (he looks much younger on IMDB than he does in this show), in the TV series River, and we liked that. Except for being Swedish, he might be the next Dirty Harry.

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