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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

ISS Live Feed

I'm looking for live video feeds from the ISS and there seems to be no end to them. However most of these purported live feeds seem to be recordings. Ustream seems to be current, but there is no indication that it actually is current and not just another recording. I did see one video that included a thumbnail map of where the ISS currently was, but it turned out to be a recording. I think we need a time stamp.

The Ustream video seems to have a problem with contrast. About once a second the color/brightness of large portions of the image change. You are still looking at the same image, but sections of clouds get darker and some get lighter. Kind of weird, and kind of distracting.

A recording would be fine for the ambiance it provides, the but the thing about a live feed is that it would never stop. You could turn it on and just leave it running and every time you went by that display you could see what the ISS is looking at. Put it on a big screen TV on your living room wall and it could give the you a more interesting view than your neighbor's house, or fence.

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